An adorable Die And Retry with some shmup inspirations where you have to cook vegetables with three expansible bubbles of butter that circle around you, but not just any butter. Play the cutest knob of butter of the kitchen of nightmares. No saves, only 2 coins that you can use on a Continue Screen.

Do not tremble, remember the patterns and make your own cooking, the best cooking!
If your recipe is one of the best, it will be engraved in the Online Cook'em Up Scoreboard, can you beat the Chief number one?
By the way, please use a controller for an optimal experience. Better with butter, better with a controller.

We are ten first year Master Degree students at the CNAM-ENJMIN of Angoulême (France). We hope you'll enjoy your buttered experience and we obviously look forward to hear from you!

Programmers: Maxime PeraultRémi CrosVincent Stehly-Calisto 
Game and level design: Nicolas Noël • Yannis Moulay
Sound designer:
Raphaël Marchetti
Graphic designers: Raoul Desmaret • Lise Sourlier
Ergonomist: Victor Girard
Producer: Aymeric Manceau

Install instructions

Windows 64-bit

You can download the Windows 64-bit Version bellow. This Version work with Wwise and have a better resolution.

Browser Version

The game runs fine with all kind of browsers but the experience will be better on Firefox and Chrome


Download 57 MB

Development log


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A couple of weeks ago I did a video of it. I love the art of it, it is pretty appealing to see. The mechanics of how the game goes are amazing, and the fact that it has Xbox controller support is way more comfortable. I ilke that the enemies are changing, it makes it more dinamic, so you don't get bored!