Gameplay & UI update - 02/02/2018

After some playtests, we considered your feedbacks. The main idea was that player could be hit many times in few frames and even. For example it could happened if the trajectory of an enemy was almost similar with the player one and in that particular case, OnCollisionEnter() and OnCollisionExit() were called many times.

Gameplay update :

  • When the player takes damages, he becomes invincible for 0.8s.  In that period, all player damages are equals to 0 and his sprite renderer blinks during that period to show up this state. All collision VFX are also disabled.
  • Player's spheres (little butters around the player) are clamped to the arena shape (the 3D wok) to always keep them in the field of view.

UI :

  • A small UI Text "KCAL" was added to the main UI during the game to give a meaning to the points.
  • Wwise and GameJolt logos were added to the Unity splash screen.
  • A splash screen was added to the unity standalone launcher.

Balancing :

Even if we added the invincibility feature when the player is getting hit, we didn't reset the scoreboard to not penalize players who already have a score or players who tried to have a score. This new feature has a very small impact on the game difficulty and there are no other changes planned for now.

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Feb 02, 2018

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