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You’ve already captivated Charon, the Erinyes, and the infernal Styx, Orpheus, Poet of Rhodope. With your delightful voice and the sound of your lyra, it’s now the Asphodel Meadows themselves you must charm in order to continue your journey. Quench the Underworld eternal thirst for life with your vibrant songs and melodies: then maybe the Gods will listen the one who makes the stones weep.

Maxime PERAULT – Programmer
Thibault BARON – Programmer
Marie-Valentine DAVID – Sound designer
Thomas GARCIA – 3D Graphic Designer
Jeanne PRIGENT – 2D Graphic Designer
Raoul DESMARET – 3D Animator
Yannis MOULAY – Game and level designer

We are seven Master Degree students at the CNAM-ENJMIN of Angoulême (France). We hope you enjoy your experience and we look forward to hear from you about our game!


Update 13/12/2017:

This update fix some textures and some coliders, we also changed some sound spatialisation. Finally, we added an option in the menu to change the scalability.

Update 22/12/2017:

This update add two new mecanics and change the five first enigmas. This also include:

-Plates are now looking better while pressing them down.

-Deads dont block on plates when climbing them and can pass through other deads.

-Playing song now wait your first input before starting the timeline feature.

-Some deads are faster than before.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsCarbonara, Yanni, jane-pr, Saaamoth


AndTheStonesWept.7z 660 MB